NERDTree Shortcuts

NERDTree is a priceless Vim plugin that gives you access to the project directory structure.  Some shortcuts are documented when you press ?, but I think this list leaves out a few essential ones:

1. Press Control + ww to navigate between the open buffers.  Alternatively, press Control + w and then h j k or l to navigate to your direction of choosing.

2. When you are over a NERDTree file, press i to open a horizontal buffer and s to open a vertical buffer.  Press t to open a new tab.

3. To open a blank tab, press Command + Shift + T.  I often open a blank tab and use the CtrlP plugin to Command + T to a new file.

4. To open a horizontal buffer from the command line, press :sp path/to/file and use :vsp path/to/file to open a vertical buffer.

5. p takes you to the parent directory and P takes you to the root.

NERDTree improves my Vim programming productivity immensely.  Like Vim, I only need to know the basic NERDTree commands for most of the productivity gains.


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