Advantages of MacVim/Janus and Sublime Text

MacVim/Janus and Sublime Text are both awesome text editors. When Vintage mode is enabled in Sublime Text, many of the core features that I love about Vim are enabled in Sublime (hjkl for navigation, ci to change the inner value, o and O to enter a line above or below, etc.). Both packages also let you easily navigate to a file with Command + T, grep a directory, and use awesome shortcuts.

Sublime has a few features that are lacking in Vim:

  • Multiple cursors
  • Command + R to see all the method names of a class
  • Autocloses [, {, and ” (for some reason this is not working out of the box with MacVim + Janus)
  • Easier to pair with others that are not familiar with Vim

Vim is a very old text editor, but is still powerful in many respects:

  • Close integration with the command line
  • Already built in to most Unix machines
  • You can go very deep with Vim and there are books written on it

The thick books that are devoted to Vim are a blessing and a curse.  If you are spending a career as a programmer, it makes sense to make a significant investment in learning a text editor to productively type as long as the time investment does not exceed the productivity gains.  This is a fine line to walk, especially when there are awesome out of the box text editors like Sublime Text.

For now, I am sticking with Vim, but I am open to change if Sublime keeps adding cool features 🙂


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