Essential Mac Shortcuts

Software often has built-in shortcuts that allow you to perform tasks more efficiently.  This post outlines the fundamental shortcuts that can be used throughout the day to improve productivity.

Shortcuts for all applications

Hold Command and press tab to scroll through open applications.  While holding Command, tab can be pressed multiple times to scroll through all the applications.

Quickly hold Command and press tab to open the last application you looked at.  Quickly hold Command and press tab to return to the original application.

Hold option and press delete to delete an entire word (hold option and press delete 3 times to delete the prior three whole words)

Hold Shift and press the arrow keys to highlight a selection with your keyboard (faster than using a mouse!)

Hold Command and press q to quit an application

Hold Command and press Spacebar to open Spotlight.  Type the name of an application and press Return to open the application.

Hold Option and press left or right to move the cursor over by a word.

Hold Command and press left or right to move the cursor to the beginning or end of a line.

Chrome Web Browser

Hold Command and press t to open a new tab

Hold Command and press w to close the tab that is currently open

Hold Command and press L to highlight the URL and put the cursor in the URL box

Hold Command and Option and press the left and right arrows to switch between the open tabs.  Hold Command and press a number to navigate to a particular tab (i.e. hold Command and press 3 to navigate to the third tab).

This post outlines the lowest hanging shortcut fruit.  The next post will detail some more advanced shortcuts that should be mastered after these basic shortcuts are incorporated in your daily routine.


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