More Mac Shortcuts

In a previous post, I outlined the essential Mac shortcuts that should be mastered by virtually all Mac users. This post outlines some more critical shortcuts that are a bit more advanced.

General Shortcuts (work for most applications)

Hold Command and press N to open a new window of an application

Hold Command and press ~ to tab between multiple windows of a given application

Hold Control and press A to move the cursor to the beginning of the line

Hold Control and press E to move the cursor to the end of the line

Hold Option + Shift and press left or right to highlight words (this shortcut is extremely useful)

Hold Control + Shift and press A to highlight all text between the cursor and the end of the line (notice that text is highlighted when holding Shift for movement commands – this rule holds in general)

Hold Command and press H to hide and application (you can hold Command and press tab to unhide the application)

Hold Command and press A to select all (this works for text documents, web form fields, the Spotlight window, etc.)


Hold Command and press F to open a search box. Type a word to search and press Enter to find the word. Keep pressing Enter to scroll through all instances of the word.

Press tab after doing a Google search to move a little arrow to the left of the first search result. Press up and down to move the arrow to different search results. Press enter to open the search result the arrow is on.

Hold Command and press + to zoom in. Hold Command and press – to zoom out. Hold Command and press 0 to reset zoom to normal.

Delete – same as the back button.

Hold Command + Shift and press T to reopen the last tab that was closed.

This post and the essential Mac shortcuts cover the basic shortcuts for effective computer use. For more advanced shortcuts, checkout the Vimium Chrome plugin.


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