Do Something Productive to Start the Day

I’ve increased my output by starting my day with a productive task instead of ‘easy’ tasks, like checking blogs. It’s human nature to defer work and it has been a struggle to start working right when my computer boots, but the enhanced productivity is worth the psychological pain.

Here’s my morning routine when I’m not focused on efficiency:
1. Workout and commute to office
2. Chat with coworkers
3. Check email
4. Check HackerNews and some finance/economics websites
5. Check Google Analytics for CodeQuizzes
6. Maybe check StackOverflow and see if I’ve gotten any internet points

By the time I finally settle down to do work, the day is in full swing with new distractions. Simply completing a productive task first thing when I start my computer guarantees I will get something productive done during the day and also sets a good tone for the day. Getting right into work before the morning coffee has kicked in requires discipline, but it might increase your productivity – it’s certainly been helpful for me.


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